Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How long does our service last?
A: Appox. 90 minutes.
Q: What is 'Plan Your Visit'?
A: Plan Your Visit is a way to get reminders leading up to Sunday, as well as let us know that your interested in being our guest.
Q: Why did I have to put my cell phone number into 'Plan Your Visit'?
A: You will be getting a couple of encouraging text reminders from our team. We will NOT call you. Your number will also NOT be shared with anyone or any outside party.
Q: Is there designated parking for visitors?
A: Yes! Follow the arrows in the parking lot till you see the 'GUEST' parking spaces.
Q: Do we serve coffee?
A: Absolutely! Our self serve coffee hub offers Keurig machines with coffee and tea options. We also have an assortment of donuts and bagels.
Q: What happens if I show up after service has already started?
A: Come on in! Our House Reps will greet you, assist in checking your children in to KidZone, and also help you find a seat in the main auditorium.
Q: What ages is KidZone for?
A: Ages 3-5 & 6-12. We also have a nursery for kids ages 1-2, and a mother's room for newborns.
Q: Where do my kids check-in for KidZone?
A: All kids, no matter what age, have one location to check-in. You can find it right when you walk through the front doors. If you need any assistance, our House Reps are happy to help.
Q: I have teenagers. Is there a certain place for them to go?
A: Our church's youth sit together during the service. They also have their own service on Thursday nights @ 7pm. Our House Reps will be happy to introduce you to our youth director, who'd also love to meet you and your teens.
Q: What is the service like?
A: We start every service with about 3-4 upbeat and slower worship songs. Followed by prayer, meet-and-greet, offering, news updates, and sermon. You can find a more detailed description here.
Q: Once service is over, what happens next?
A: After checking your kids out of KidZone, our Pastor's would love the chance to meet you and your family in our Guest Services area. Also, if you planned a visit on our website, make sure to let one of our House Reps or Pastors know. 
Still have a question?
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