Know before you go
The CENTERchurch will begin having in-person services starting June 14. Since we are still dealing with certain restrictions from COVID-19, we want you to know that the CENTERchurch is taking extra precautions to limit the spread of germs during our services. Our staff and leadership teams will be ensuring that we stick, to the best of our ability, to the guidance released by the CDC and CAL OSHA. We've listed some FAQ's below that may answer any questions you may have. We're very excited to get back to fellowshipping and worshipping alongside each of you real soon.
Please Wear A Face Mask
Respect Social Distancing
Wash/Sanitize Hands
Watch Your Children

Q: What time will service start?
 A: We will be starting service at 11am. Since we have to limit indoor loitering, we will allow seating to take place 15 minutes prior to the start.
Q: Will KidZone/Nursery be available?
A: Unfortunately, not at this time. All children will need to sit with their parents during the service. We offer prepackaged and sanitized funpacks for the kids to keep them entertained. We also have designated a family room for you to retreat to with your child if they get a little noisy or restless.
Q: How close will others be sitting/standing next to me during service?
A: We are doing our best to stick to the social distancing rule of 6ft. Our House Reps will be seating you to make sure there is plenty of space between you and another party.
Q: Will you have hand sanitizer available?
A: Yes. We have positioned sanitizer stations throughout the church facility.
Q: What if I have to use the restroom?
A: Feel free to use our restrooms whenever you like. We have a sanitizing crew that goes through the bathrooms frequently. All of our restrooms are also equipped with touchless toilets, urinals, and sinks.
Q: Will you be serving coffee and donuts?
A: Unfortunately, we are not able to serve food at this time.
Q: How long will services be?
A: Due to the recommendation of the Gov. Newsom and Mayor Garcetti, we are condensing our service to exactly 1 hour. 
Q: Will online services still be available?
A: Absolutely! Our online family is growing every week and we will still have that ministry option available.
Q: How can I give my tithe/offering?
A: We encourage you, especially during COVID-19, to give via the app. But, you'll also be able to drop any cash, credit card transactions, or checks into the offering bucket on the way to or from your seat.
Q: Do I have to wear a mask to church?
A: Yes. In accordance with current health laws, we are requiring everyone on property to wear a face covering. We are also offering disposable masks at the door in case you forget to bring your own.