As summer winds down, we are excited to announce that enrollment for the Fall & Winter Season is now open!  CENTERsota will be offering classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays with many options of class times and dance genres. 


All our classes are lead and instructed by qualified professionals, and for a very affordable and competitive price.  If you have any questions about the class schedules, please feel free to email us at:

Discounts are also available for enrolled siblings* and official CENTERchurch members.
*Sibling discount applies only to 1st child enrolled, not both.


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lauren maston - csam director/Dance


Originally from Riverside, Lauren Maston has studied ballet since the age of 2 and has been dance a instructor since the age of 14. She has performed as a soloist for numerous David Allen productions such as Swan Lake, On Occasion, Pastel, Fiesta, and The Nutcracker. After completing a semester with the Boston Ballet, Miss Lauren returned to Riverside to persue dance in multiple other venues.

Since then, she has gone on to dance backup for Disney Channel stars such as Corbin Bleu, Demi Lovato, China Anne McClain, and has performed with the High School Musical Cast. Aside from performing, Miss Lauren is also a creative consultant for annual kids conventions and kids fine arts competitions. She currently can be seen performing at the Disneyland Resort, where she's been for 10 years, along side her husband.
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abe de sousa - Guitar/Bass/Drums/keys
Brazilian musician, electric and acoustic double bass player.  Abe has been sideman of Brazilian Popular music and Bossa Nova's artists. He has played with big names in gospel music in Brazil as well, and in addition to accompanying artists on stage, he taught at some of the most prestigious music schools in Rio de Janeiro.  Besides the bass, he teaches guitar, keyboard, and drums.
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johanna ortega - vocals
Johanna Ortega is an Experienced Vocal Instructor and Performing Artist, specializing in the Development of Vocalization and progression of Stage Presence, Johanna began singing at the age of 16 years old. She quickly continued onto training individuals and larger groups for Church Services Special Events.  She has also taken Speech and Vocal Therapy specializing in the Maintenance and function of the vocal chords. Johanna is currently serving as the Worship Director at the CENTERchurch and actively trains and mentors a team of approximately 30 people, across 2 campuses. Genres and styles covered under her certification include, but are not limited to: Contemporary, Classical, Alternative, Folk, A cappella, Chamber, Choral, Latin, as well as Jingles and Narrative Emphasis used in Commercials and Voice Over. Some of the notable achievements throughout Johanna‚Äôs career include participating as First Harmony Vocalist for Award-Winning Christian Latin singers, Lily Goodman and Alex Campos. She has also assisted with performances for the Christian Latin Songwriter Group, Blest.  Her time and effort do not go in vain as she develops and assists whoever she trains. She drills passion into everything she does and thrives in helping people exceed their own expectations, Her style is upbeat, funky, sporadic, but deep, meaningful, and catered to the goal at heart.
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adam tucker - fitness/nutrition
Adam is a certified personal trainer and holistic nutritionist thru National College of Exercise Professionals. He is a native of Missouri where he competed competitively and traveled around the midwest in baseball, hockey, football and basketball. From his sports background, Adam knows what it takes physically and mentally to be a top competitor in your normal workout routine, or for the most elite athlete. 
Adam's ideal client is goal driven and wants to achieve those goals. Someone who is dedicated to becoming the best they can be. Adam is excited to see change in someones life for the better.